The Telecommunications division plays an important role in connecting over 100 million people across 12 markets to their personal and business networks. The division is committed to contributing to sustainable living by providing connectivity and innovative services to customers, while building the trust of stakeholders by behaving ethically and responsibly.

Key Sustainability Achievements in 2019

  • Formed a Climate Working Group for CKHGT.
  • Committed to CDP disclosure for CKHGT.
  • 3 UK won UK's Best Network for Data as voted by the Mobile Choice Consumer Awards and was named Best Network for Roaming at the uSwitch Mobile Awards 2020.
  • The division’s business in Europe adopted to a new control system to address the new requirement of General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR").
  • Green electricity accounted for about 80% of Hi3G Access AB’s total electricity consumption.

Key Sustainability Initiatives in 2020

  • Disclose climate impact for the first time via the CDP reporting mechanism.
  • Set emissions target for CKHGT that is consistent with the methodology and ambition of the mobile sector pathway in alignment with the GSMA.
  • Review energy mix.