Sustainability Governance

6.1. Sustainability Governance

The ASW Global CSR Committee drives the sustainability agenda of the Retail division in alignment with sustainability priorities, goals and policies established at the Head Office level. 

The ASW Global CSR Committee is chaired by the Group Chief Operating Officer of A.S. Waston Group and the Chief Executive Officer (Asia and Europe), consists of 13 members which includes the CEOs and senior executives from subsidiaries representing different functions of the business ranging from human resources, legal, finance, IT and sustainability.

The CSR Committee sets the CSR roadmap at the ASW Group level, which is then translated to CSR priorities and initiatives to be implemented at the local level with the coordination of over 300 CSR Committee members across the business units. The progress and results are reported regularly to the ASW Global CSR Committee for their review.

To keep ahead of the curve and identify priorities relevant to millennial employees and customers, the Millennials CSR Committee was established during the year and currently has 14 millennial members. Its objective is to act as ASW’s accelerator team to help formulate and strengthen communications with employees and customers and provide suggestions to the ASW Group on sustainability initiatives.