7.2. Anti-Corruption

7.2.1. Commitment
The Infrastructure division has zero-tolerance on any forms of bribery, corruption and fraud. Policies and measures against corruption and other malpractices are also adopted by business units across the division.

7.2.2. The Challenges
As the Infrastructure division is spread globally, it is important to take a proactive and holistic approach to avoid any incidents of bribery and corruption. It heavily relies on its operating companies to develop an all rounded anti-corruption policy and training to its staff based on the requirements of the Group and local government requirements for any controlling subsidiaries.

7.2.3. Initiatives Anti-competition Monitoring Control System
The Infrastructure division has monitoring and management control systems in place to detect bribery, fraud or other malpractice activities directly at the source. Employees and all other concerned stakeholders are encouraged to raise concerns on suspected cases hrough the company’s whistleblowing mechanisms. Employees and stakeholders are able to report their concerns through multiple channels such as phone, fax, post or email.

The division will conduct initial assessments and liaise closely with the respective business units. Upon initial investigation, any significant cases that require follow up may be reported to management and investigated internally by the Audit Committee or other departments of the company delegated by the Audit Committee. All cases are treated in a highly confidential manner and any whistleblowers will be protected from any unfair treatment.