As a leading player in the global infrastructure area, the Infrastructure division has a variety of investments and developments across the world including Energy Infrastructure, Transportation Infrastructure, Water Infrastructure, Waste Management, Waste-to-energy, Household Infrastructure and Infrastructure Related Businesses.

The Infrastructure division is committed to implementing initiatives such as adopting new clean technologies, improving energy efficiency, and reducing wastage to help make the world a better place and fight against climate change while creating a sustainable business.

Key Sustainability Achievements in 2019

  • AVR-Afvalverwerking B.V. (“AVR”)’s CO2 capture plant commenced operation.
  • AVR completed separation plant for plastics and drink cartons from residual waste.
  • Hydrogen projects for clean energy.
  • UK Power Networks (“UKPN”) had over 7GW more of renewable energies connected to its networks between 2011-2018.

Key Sustainability Initiatives in 2020

  • Improve energy efficiency.
  • Reduce wastage.
  • Explore use of technology to assist in monitoring.
  • Invest in business to improve consumer experience.
  • UKPN to build more energy infrastructure to support electric vehicle charging and smart meter projects.