CK Hutchison

  • Sustainability Committee elevated as a Board committee, comprising two Executive Directors and an Independent Non-executive Director
  • Sustainability Working Group comprising senior management at the Company and core business levels
  • Half-yearly sustainability risk analysis strengthened at the Head Office and at all division levels
  • 8% reduction in carbon intensity compared to the previous year

Ports and Related Services
  • Group Environmental Committee established to coordinate environmental management efforts across 52 ports
  • 36% reduction in hazardous waste compared to the previous year
  • 22% reduction in number of work-related incidents compared to the the previous year

  • A Millennial Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) Committee with 14 millennial staff launched to leverage strong passion in the younger generation for CSR
  • 30% reduction in carbon emissions compared to 2015 baseline
  • Watsons Water being the first beverage company in Hong Kong to introduce reverse vending machines
  • First food retailer in Hong Kong to trial less plastics on fruits and vegetables

  • Testing facility for 100% hydrogen launched by Northern Gas Networks to deliver quantified safety evidence for reference of UK government policy decision on hydrogen for use in gas network
  • Completed and constructing three new gas-fired generating units equipped with Selective Catalytic Reduction systems in Hong Kong to reduce air emissions

  • 45% reduction in methane emissions since 2014
  • 542,640 trees planted post asset retirement
  • 55% increase in indigenous procurement since 2016

  • Climate Working Group established at CK Hutchison Group Telecom Holdings (“CKHGT”)
  • CDP disclosure committed for CKHGT