Sustainability Governance

8.1. Sustainability Governance

Husky’s sustainability governance is organised and centred around the top sustainability issues including safety and operational integrity, climate change, and relationships with local communities.

The authority for overall management of the sustainability strategy lies with the President and Chief Executive Officer, who is also an executive director. Husky’s ESG Steering Committee, comprising 10 members, guides the sustainability strategy and activities of the company. The members are those who are delegated authority for management and responsible for performance on the priority topics. In November 2019 the Board discussed sustainability performance and disclosure. For 2020, sustainability is a standing agenda item for the Governance Committee at its three meetings a year. The Board intends to set an emissions target in 2020.

Husky’s sustainability strategy is integrated with the company’s business plans and risk matrix, and aligns with the Husky Operational Integrity Management System. The Audit Committee of the Board reviews Husky’s risk register quarterly. 

Husky’s sustainability strategy and performance is assessed by other Executive Committees as appropriate. For example, the Executive Health, Safety and Environment Committee has oversight for the topics including safety and operations integrity, water use and availability, climate-related risks and air emissions and land use and reclamation.