Occupational Health and Safety

8.3. Occupational Health and Safety

8.3.1. Commitment
Safety remains the top priority of Husky, and the ultimate goal is that no one is injured on the job. To maintain safe and reliable operations, rigorous safety programmes are in place with ongoing improvements to the occupational safety processes to strengthen the safety culture.

Husky is committed to:

  • Promoting a safety culture through systems, processes and continued learning to prevent employee and contractor injuries and illnesses.
  • Designing, maintaining and operating facilities and assets focused on process safety and asset integrity to realise strong operational performance.
  • Preparing, planning and practising to respond effectively to incidents with worker and community safety and environmental protection as priorities.

8.3.2. The Challenges
Husky’s business includes exploration, development and production of oil and gas, and refining of petroleum products. Given the nature of its business, employees are facing numerous occupational hazard risks while performing their jobs. To operate safely and minimise risks to employees, Husky upholds high safety standards, and ingrains safety in its culture and every decision through systems, processes and continued learning.

8.3.3. Initiatives Making Structural Changes to Promote Safety
The Energy division is committed to process safety and operational integrity.

In 2018, a Senior Vice President, Safety & Operations Integrity was hired and reports directly to the CEO. He is not only responsible for process and occupational safety, operations integrity and emergency response, but also for promoting Husky’s High Reliability Organization (“HRO”) culture.

Safety is ingrained in Husky’s culture and part of every decision through its HRO principles, systems and processes, and through continued learning. Husky’s facilities and assets are designed, maintained and operated with a primary focus on process safety and asset integrity to realise safe, reliable operational performance. In the event of an incident, worker and community safety and environmental protection are the priorities. Husky’s safety performance is directly inked to both executive compensation and the employee bonus programme. Enhancing Training
Husky aims to provide specific actions for workers to follow and make it easier to identify situations that, if not properly managed, may lead to hazardous conditions. To continuously drive better performance, employees and contractors are provided with ongoing training in safety processes and procedures.

Life-Saving Rules of the International Oil and Gas Producers, which focused on activities most likely to lead to fatalities or significant life-altering injuries, were employed to enhance existing training. In 2018, Husky moved from 18 rules to nine, aligning with a simplified, standardised, industry-wide approach that empowers employees and contractors to stop work when it is unsafe.

The Energy division aims to guarantee safe driving behaviours and reinforce such commitment to the Life-Saving Rules.

Drivers are offered mandatory driver training and vehicle monitoring devices, and also with reports on their speed, seatbelt use and driving practices. The Drive Safe programme provides real-time support and coaching on safe driving behaviours. In 2019, there were 14 motor vehicle accidents involving employees and contractors, compared to nine of the previous year with more kilometres travelled by Husky’s fleet in 2019.