At the Energy division, represented by Husky Energy, sustainable business is one that ensures the safety of its people and communities while delivering value for customers and shareholders. Husky responsibly produces the energy the world needs. Whether it is delivering energy to millions of customers each day, improving occupational and process safety or addressing climate change, Husky aims to make a positive contribution to society.

Key Sustainability Achievements in 2019

  • ESG team of more than 60 members for sustainability and regulatory compliance.
  • Reduced 45% methane emissions since 2014.
  • 62,000 tonnes of carbon emissions captured in 2019.
  • 542,640 trees planted post asset retirement.
  • 55% increase in indigenous procurement since 2016.

Key Sustainability Initiatives in 2020

  • Work towards “Top Q in 2020” (Top quartile based on global benchmarks).
  • Reduce methane emissions through the conversion of pneumatic devices, gas conservation and incineration technology in support of the Canadian government’s objective of a 30% carbon reduction by 2030.